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Repeat Customers through Outstanding Customer Service

  • How to guarantee repeat business; eliminate mediocrity; inspire and empower employees at all levels to take ownership of the customer for their own reasons; and directly influence the customer’s decision not only to return, but to be an ambassador for your business. Enjoy the increased profits, the reduced turnover, and the new employee enthusiasm toward your customers and your company. more info...

How to Handle Difficult People through Improved Interpersonal Skills

  • Learn your behavioral style and that of others, and discover why you see others as difficult instead of different. See how you can adapt your behavior to make a huge difference in your job success through better relationships with co-workers, subordinates, and your boss; and better social relationships  with relatives, friends and acquaintances. See your success accelerate almost immediately as you practice these simple techniques.more info...

Coaching for High Performance and Longevity

  • How to increase productivity, improve morale, retain top performers, and guarantee results through energetic, committed employees . See how you can change employee attitudes, create a positive environment for employees to shine and excel, reduce unnecessary turnover, absenteeism, and difficult behavior toward customers or co-workers. Learn how to “connect” with your employees. more info...

How to Achieve Different Results With A Different Approach

  • Learn the 13 steps to  dramatically impact sales and profits from the very first day.Take action you’re not used to taking and see the results. Learn from great examples all around you. See how synergy works in creativity. Participate in exercises that will form the basis of renewed creativity and excitement in your product or service. Get a different perspective on why things happen the way they do, and why people do the things they do. more info...

Getting Control of Your Time and Your Life

  • How to drag yourself away from the “unimportant”; how to spend a lot less time on the “urgent”; how to procrastinate effectively; when to say “no!”; whether or not to use a “timer; how to save serious money by running more productive, shorter meetings; and how to win the paperwork war. Learn techniques of intelligent planning; how to get more of your work done than that of other people, and how to manage the inevitable stress in a fast-paced world that’s moving faster. more info...

How to Manage and Control Daily Stress with Humor

  • In today’s radically changing world, everything is moving faster; work demands are greater; and being stressed-out is, for many, a way of life. It doesn't’t have to be ! Learn how to be more successful by incorporating laughter and humor in your business. See problems and situations with a different perspective, enhance your communications with others, and accelerate your own success by injecting humor everywhere you can. more info...

“Thank you so much for opening the KHCA 57th Annual Convention and Trade Show on such a high note! Our participants gave you rave reviews and told me to make sure and invite you back.”
Linda Mowbray, KHCA/KCAE Education Director

“John, everyone including myself got a great deal out of your inspiring and entertaining keynote address at our annual awards ceremony. Thank you for focusing in on our prime areas of endeavor. You got our day’s events off to a rousing start!”
Stan McAdoo, Extension PRIDE Program Coordinator

“You did an exceptional job with your seminar for our managers and supervisors. And your follow-up meeting sealed-in the most important points we discussed at the seminar. We have already seen results in more creative approaches to problem solving and motivating employees.” 
Bob Page, Former President, Graphics Inc

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