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Take New Action for Better Results

OBJECTIVES: This seminar will alert owners, managers, supervisors, and staff, to action that needs to be taken - from the boardroom to the front lines (where the customers are). An Action that has to be taken in order to survive and excel in a radically changing world. These are the thirteen steps that will dramatically impact sales and profits. They are your blueprint for dynamic action, and your agenda for future staff meetings, problem-solving, and brain-storming sessions.

DESIGNED FOR: Executives, managers, owners, supervisors, and support staff, who are responsible for making things happen - while getting optimum results from themselves and others, and overcoming the barriers of change in the workplace.


Looking for a Better Way - Breaking Old Habits

  • "Break-it” thinking -- Don´t waste time with out-dated solutions
  • Change your expectations
  • This Problem Solving formula works!

Adding Value is Mandatory for Survival

  • How to compete by being different
  • How to be perceived as The Best
  • How to keep your customers coming back

Taking charge of Yourself and Your World

  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • Plan with a vision
  • Ten hot tips for managing your time 

Delegation versus Empowerment?

  • Who's in charge here?
  • How to stop buck-passing at every level of the operation
  • Un-tie the hands of your people

Operate as An Owner

  • Question and challenge the status quo
  • "The customer is mine"
  • How to develop a "Take charge” attitude

Educating versus Training

  • Teach others what you know - and you’ll shine!
  • How to help others motivate themselves
  • Why you must tell 'em WHY

Eliminate Mediocrity

  • Know what kind of service your customers are getting
  • Learn about your customers from your employees
  • How to keep your standards high and your employees motivated

Success Expectation

  • How to make yourself more successful than you are right now.
  • Compatibility of company and individual goals
  • Ten steps for successful follow-through

Leap, Don't Sleep"NOW IN ITS 4TH PRINTING"

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LEAP, DON'T SLEEP! - How to Get Different Results by Doing Something Different.

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In LEAP, DON'T SLEEP!, you'll learn how to:

  • Take a different approach to solve major problems;
  • Develop a success mindset in you and your people;
  • Become more creative in developing new strategies;
  • Convert the Adding Value philosophy into real application to
  • distinguish you from your competitors;
  • Condense long workdays into shorter productive sessions;
  • Get your employees fired-up about your business' success;
  • Develop "owner" thinking in your employees;
  • Implement a humor theme to build profits;
  • Pre-program the results you want; and
  • Much, much, more...

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