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  1. Add Value - And Kill Mediocrity In Customer

  2. Are You Really Swamped, Or Are You Just Disorganized?

  3. Change Your Results By Changing Your Expectations service

  4. Profit From A Customer Service Recovery Program

  5. Heroes Take Care Of Customers Even If They're Wrong

  6. Make Customers Feel Welcome And You're Half-Way Home

  7. Delegate Authority To Your Employees And Watch Your Customers’ Loyalty Grow

  8. Your Discipline Is The Anchor Of Your Success

  9. Without A Plan, You’re Doomed

  10. Avoid The Thirteen Habits Of A Failure

  11. You’ll Fail If You Have No Goals

  12. Associate With Losers And You’re Courting Failure

  13. Not Taking Action Is A Great Recipe For Failure

  14. Failure Comes From Having No Fun At What You Do

  15. You’ll Fail If You Watch Too Much Tv

  16. Happy Employees Produce Repeat Customers

  17. Humor At Work Builds Profitability

  18. Look For A Better Way

  19. Exceptional Employees Operate Like Owners

  20. Get Your Kicks From The Success Of Others

  21. Your Talent And Your Attitude Will Take You To

  22. Teach Others What You Know And See How You Gain

  23. Why Customers Never Return - And How To Get Them Back


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